Can Someone Get Out Of Tax Debt And Reclaim Their Life?

Every year, millions of honest, hardworking Marylanders find themselves owing the IRS and state of Maryland for income taxes. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you are not alone. You, opening this book, is the first step to getting yourself out of tax debt, and taking back your life.

The Great Recession depressed the incomes of millions of Americans, leaving many small businesses, contractors, and individuals with no other option than to fall behind on paying their income taxes in an attempt to stay afloat. If you’re reading this book, you are probably among this group. You have likely been using your tax money to pay more pressing bills in order to keep your home out of foreclosure, car from repossession, and lights from being shut off. It was probably quite an easy decision to put off the tax man. After all, you’d pay it back when things picked up, right?

The IRS estimates about $300 billion in individual income taxes go uncollected every year. Much of this is due to honest taxpayers burying their heads in the sand and not filing their returns because they thought they would owe. The first time they skipped filing, they may have worried that the IRS would come knocking at their door. But this doesn’t usually happen, and so it became easier to skip filing the next year and the next and the next…

But the good news is there is relief from the IRS and MD available for all upright taxpayers. You can get a fresh start. And if you take only one thing from this book, let it be this: The only way to get any relief from the IRS and MD is to file all required tax returns. Even if you owe money and cannot afford to pay it, you should prepare and file all your unfiled returns. Once filed, you can start to negotiate with the IRS and MD.

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