Car Repossession In Maryland

My car has been repo’ed. What can I do?

Has your car been repossessed? In many cases, we can get your car back for you. By filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy with James Logan in Baltimore, you will get the immediate protection of federal bankruptcy law. A chapter 13 is a reorganization that allows you to set up a payment plan to catch up your bills.

This means that a lender who has repossessed your car will have to give it back because in most cases, a car is necessary for your plan to succeed.  You need a car to get to work, or in some cases to do your job.

So why do they have to give the car back? Because Congress wrote the bankruptcy law to help people like you. Bankruptcy is federal law that applies in all 50 states and your creditors must follow it.  When you file for bankruptcy protection, the law says they must give the car back as long as you provide “adequate protection”.  This usually means you keep the car insured and make the payments that come due after filing.

Even better, if you have owned your car for a while, we can often reduce your car loan by thousands of dollars. That’s right, bankruptcy law allows you to “cram down” the loan to the current value of the car. Call Baltimore bankruptcy attorney James Logan today and let me give you the details. My number is 443-860-0088.

BUT, you’ve got to hurry! If your lender sells the car, I won’t be able to save your car for you. So call today to find out all your options.