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Client Testimonials

Providing Great Customer Service and Real Help with Bankruptcy in Maryland

At the James R Logan PA., we focus on you. Hear what our past clients have to say about their experiences with our Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, and get a better idea of what client satisfaction means to us. If you are facing bankruptcy in Maryland, don’t be afraid to reach out to us for the answers and crucial information you need to make the right decisions and build a better future.

The fine print: Of course, every case is different and the results obtained for one client may be different than the results we can get for you.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

“I am pleased to say Mr. Logan is an excellent Attorney. I became his client while struggling to keep my home. He assisted me through the whole process. He was always available to answer my questions.

I went from bankruptcy Chapter #13 to Chapter #7. Because of my financial situation this was best for me and I am now starting over. I would gladly recommend him to my friends and family.

Okunoya Carroll.

I felt as though you were more personal with us, then just a job for you. I don’t think that it is anything better that you could have done…I was very pleased with how you run your law firm.

suppliantly K. M.

I really appreciate everything you did for me to save my home. If I ever need a lawyer again you will be the one again thanks

Będzin A.D.

You assisted me with my foreclosure issues and to eliminate some debts due to job loss and a decrease in my salary.

You offered me a means of paying for services over time because I did not have the entire amount needed in order to secure your services. That meant a lot to me and I have told others about how you set up a payment plan for me to secure your services.

You also made the process easy because this was all new for me. You and your staff return my calls and reply to my emails almostimmediately. Although I am still trying to understand everything, I feel that if I have any questions I can still contact your office for assistance.

buy priligy in thailand T.J.

I came to you to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. It was my first experience dealing with an attorney, so I didn’t know what to expect each time. You and your staff were extremely personable and I had complete trust in your abilities to help me in my time of need. -.. I will also recommend you to my family and friends. I would not change anything about your practice.


It all started when my appointment was made right away. If anyone was confused about how to go about with my failed business in bankruptcy I was the one. The professional outlook of the office put me at ease. Attorney James Logan has the compassion and high IQ to handle all the information needed to get the work done properly. I will recommend this Law firm to anyone at anytime… Phone calls are returned immediately there are made and followed up appropriately.

They only have to continue their professional job with a special human touch as they have been doing. All I have to say is thanks … and thanks to your staff. My God will continue to bless you. I also owe a lot of thanks to the one that recommended me to the office of James R. Logan a little over one year ago.

M. N.

I give you a ten. Very pleased with your services. Keep up the good work.


The mailing that you sent made statements that were caring, and I liked that. Also, the brochure was very professional. I feel that you have been very responsive to our needs…You are doing great.


I needed to file a bankruptcy and was recommended to Mr. Logan. Great Personal Customer Service…I wouldn’t be anywhere else-even if they offered the same services free! You guys are My Family-I want to continue to support you guys and refer you all to anyone that I come across that can use your service…You all give the Personal Touch-What I mean by that, you guys make the process which is a difficult one and easy task…You all assist with helping to make the right decisions/choices…If I had to do it all over again-There is Only One Law Firm I would go with.

A. P.

You and the people in your office help individuals when they are down. Many times when I called or came by your office with a problem you not only took care of the issue at hand but more importantly made me feel as if my current situation was not as bleak as I thought.

I guess I am trying to say is that you not only helped us legally but also emotionally…I haven’t had much experience as a client of an attorney. The only thing that I can suggest is to treat people as you treated me and your business should thrive.

E. S.

After graduating from Towson University, I could not find a job to pay my mortgage and Jim was just starting out as a bankruptcy lawyer in Charles Village. There was a notice placed in my mail box from Jim. I called the number.

Jim was a great bankruptcy lawyer, he did very well for me as a client, until I could get things together. Jim walked me through the entire things and information I needed to bring him and enter into court. Jim did everything he needed to do to help me by law.

Jim knows the law well, is trusting with all information a client gives to him and above all, he treats a client as human being and not as a number. P.S. Jim please continue treating all your clients new and future as you did in the beginning ten years ago.


I think that your do a wonderful job with communication with your clients.

M. T.

Me and my wife had a pleasant experience. Mr. Logan was real helpful through the whole process would recommend to friends in family. Thanks for your help.

R. B.

You kept me aware of options available. Your initial brochure was what sold me-“How you can stop foreclosure ” supplied reminders re: trustee payments-which was very helpful. I appreciated knowing that any question I may have had would be responded to-just leave a message. What could change-It took me a minute to realize emails got faster results-Just let the clients know that is preferred over phone messages.

I’ve been totally satisfied and would recommend your law service.

C. R.

I thought you did a wonderful job in a time of high stress for me. I was literally “shaking in my boots” and you calmed me and walked me thru the process and made me feel like everything was going to be okay.

K. E.

You do a great job in getting your clients the help they need.

M. W.

You do an excellent job of work product and results. I was extremely satisfied with the result and process of getting in and out of bankruptcy.

B. M.