How Can Someone Get Help With Their Debt?

Remember: By law, the only people who can give you advice on how to settle your debt to the IRS are Enrolled Agents, CPAs, or attorneys. Make sure you know what all the options are so you can determine which is best for you.

That’s it. There are no secret plans for dealing with the IRS, just these five methods to resolve and settle your tax debt. Anyone promising you otherwise is likely trying to scam you out of your hard earned – and precious – dollars. Roni Deutch and TaxMasters are just the latest to hit the news among those “pennies on the dollar” tax settlement “businesses.” They collected millions from hard pressed Americans like yourself, and are both out of business, shut down by lawsuits from ripped off customers and attorneys general. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of new companies looking to prey on desperate taxpayers.

As a seasoned tax and bankruptcy lawyer, I can help discuss your options, and figure out your best course of action. Call me today, and get the fresh start you deserve.

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