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Stopping BGE Utility Turn Offs In Maryland

Orenburg With so many people struggling to pay their gas and electric bills, BGE has really turned up their collection efforts. This can include turning off your gas or electric and sometimes even removing your meter. Fortunately, bankruptcy gives you some powerful tools to deal with BGE.

Shahr-e Bābak As a Maryland bankruptcy attorney, I have had many clients come to me either facing a turnoff or living without power. Sometimes, people are even using a gas generator to provide electricity, which is expensive and dangerous. By filing bankruptcy, I can get their lights back on and give them a fresh start with BGE.

canorously This is how it works: When you file a bankruptcy and include BGE, they are required by law to start you a new bill. If you still have service, they can not turn it off. If you service has been cut off, they have to turn it back on.

Asaka Your old bill is included in the bankruptcy and treated as an unsecured debt like a credit card. Your new bill starts from the day the case is filed and you only need to pay for any gas or electric that you use AFTER filing. You will also have to give them a deposit within 20 days of filing. This amount is 2 months of usage, based on your average bill. So for example, if your average bill is $150, you would have to pay a $300 deposit within 20 days.

If you are facing a turnoff notice, call me today for a free appointment to discuss your options. Or download the free book” Getting Out of Debt” by putting in your name and e-mail.

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  1. Douglas says:

    My family has been cut off, we owe them a lot, next couple of days its suppost to get down to 14 degees, we could use some help getting the power back on with my 80 year old grandma is getting colder each day

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